Shahzad Channa

With My Respect to USA

Since Donald Trump have taken the White House, Muslims are trending on every social platform. There are people who hate all those who are associated with Islam and there are people who love them just to foil the racism and make America a better place. In either ways, Muslims around the world feel special for … Continue reading


One difference that keeps apart right from the wrong and good from the bad is education. Education teaches us values and principles and if it does not integrate into your personality then you miss the real taste of it. Respect,Integrity, honesty and Commitment are few values that have been occupying my mind tonight. I feel embarrassed … Continue reading

Climate Change – Consensus, Compromise & Cooperation

“Problem can not be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.”Albert Einstein The business responsible for climate change affects the business that is least responsible for it. The competition in businesses continue at blistering pace and the world economy is predicted to multiply upto USD 130 Trillion by the year 2030.  In this growing … Continue reading

Token of Thanks to IGP Sindh A.D. Khuwaja

For those who believe “nothing will happen” have been proved wrong when an inquiry was ordered by Inspector General of Sindh Police, A.D. Khawaja sahib to address my grievance. Sometimes grievances are addressed by the people themselves without approaching police for most people express distrust in this institution. Partly, this distrust in police is due to … Continue reading

In The Dark Deep Down

Into the dark deep down months away from my town Noise of the machine all around friends & family barely surround still cherish the life so bound because you chase on what i found When the luxuries are beyond your count I relax above or under the ground all my services  when still not sound … Continue reading

Energy in 2nd US Presidential Debate

It was 1970s when the environmental awareness was fresh and the related moments were new, few radical environmentalist stepped forward and suggested to phase out of the booming business of global warming without a second thought.  It was, when nightmares of global warming and climate change attached to it were made public through these awareness … Continue reading

Reason I Like Donald Trump by Shahzad Channa

  Donald Trump was not known to me even after he started appearing on US based News Channels amid US election campaigns but when his words, “Muslims should be banned from entering the United States” first reached me through the media. His statement met a lot of criticism by those who disagreed. In Fact, criticism … Continue reading

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