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1. #GoodMorning from Nisar Shaheed Park


Implicit present and the louder history

I represent ‘Sindhi’ ethnic group from Pakistan. Sindhi is not just the name of the regional language that we speak within our province but a culture and identity as old as Chinese, Romans, persians, Turks and Arabs. We die for our language and culture. As an ethnic group, we hate ourselves and we are open … Continue reading

How I lost 13-kgs in 6 weeks?

This is not based on my opinion but the personal expereince. Frustration and the motivation were the couple of drivers that got me into it with my complete dedication. You need 20% of motivation coming from the outside and 80% of frustration that comes from the inside, it would play very effective part to help … Continue reading

Transition to Naya Karachi

All the cities that are promoting cars for individual movement, reserving large areas for car parking with no future planning and lacking the awareness about where this world is moving, end up ugly with so much pollution, noise and traffic congestion. The future city idea is now become a present like Shenzhen, China and many … Continue reading


I have much respect for the Chinese professionals, businesses and companies flooding our country and I thank them through this article for the efforts they make to help Pakistan align its economic growth to other well performing markets regionally and globally. I admit there is a surge in the employment and I’m the one directly … Continue reading


  I am writing on the subject of safety, though I know that my experience is very brief, but it is not the huge experience that I look for to be capable of writing about something that I am into but the brief experience with every single moment based on morals, ethics and values. Realizing … Continue reading

Around the Wind Turbines (help me decide the good title for this poem)

In the desert with the sand brown

Months away from my town

friends and family barely surround

high towers of wind turbines all around

with my heads high, while I am on the ground

I cherish! when the safety of people & the business is sound

the moral responsibility that we owe, highly count

devotion and motivation without it, couldn’t be found

noble remains the cause that wears me a crown

oh Lord! help me influence the actions to surmount

scores of dangers & the hazards countless in amount



Noted: basically it was meant for mining industry but couldn’t shape it better until i shifted the focus on wind energy (the business i am into)


Authored by:

Shahzad Ali Channa

Time: 3:27 am (Pakistan standard time)

Date and Day: November 28th, 2016 (Monday)

edited: January 31, 2017 (Tuesday) time: 06:55am

Edited: 5:33 pm (Pakistan Standard Time) Dated: August 5th, 2017

changed on 23rd September, 2017 time 4:55am Saturday.




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