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1. #GoodMorning from Nisar Shaheed Park


Mining to Environment and back

Being one akin to both the subjects of ‘mining’ and ‘Environment’, I am very clear that this world bifurcates into two forces. One is ‘Pro-Mining’ and the other is ‘Anti-Mining’. Pro mining are those who are either looking for the career or making money out of this business directly or indirectly. Anti-mining forces are dominated … Continue reading

2018 in Review

Year 2017 was claimed to be the best year of my life lived so far financially and professionally. I had all respects, honors and enjoyed the powers and peaks for that one year but nothing lasts for ever specially in my case as i view my values a barrier to get along with all the … Continue reading

Privacy Compromised

I am just leaving a note on my blog to inform all that though i have the complete control of my email ids and web blogs from day one i still doubt that i can loose its control anytime since i have received an email from the hacker who rightly mentioned the passphrase that i … Continue reading

Boycotting Highway Machines

Idea is more convincing to others when it is seen than it is heard. I believe practically showing its positive impacts will contribute to cause the change. My idea is surrounding the possible nightmares likely to plague our cities in near future. Yes, these are machines ruling our highways, roads causing congestions, noise, emissions, accidents … Continue reading

Implicit present and the louder history

I represent ‘Sindhi’ ethnic group from Pakistan. Sindhi is not just the name of the regional language that we speak within our province but a culture and identity as old as Chinese, Romans, persians, Turks and Arabs. We die for our language and culture. As an ethnic group, we hate ourselves and we are open … Continue reading

How I lost 13-kgs in 6 weeks?

This is not based on my opinion but the personal expereince. Frustration and the motivation were the couple of drivers that got me into it with my complete dedication. You need 20% of motivation coming from the outside and 80% of frustration that comes from the inside, it would play very effective part to help … Continue reading

Transition to Naya Karachi

All the cities that are promoting cars for individual movement, reserving large areas for car parking with no future planning and lacking the awareness about where this world is moving, end up ugly with so much pollution, noise and traffic congestion. The future city idea is now become a present like Shenzhen, China and many … Continue reading

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